Vision and Mission OnTenn Automotive


Our “Vision” is to be a premier industrial professional services company with the most advantageous solutions for our customers.  Ontenn Automotive USA-LLC is committed to evolving in a conscientious manner and to become a customer preferred new generation industrial provider for management, engineering, logistics, manufacturing and excelling as a multi-tier automotive assembly supplier for global markets.

We will provide our customers an “adaptive advantage” while maintaining principles and strengthening relationships to increase shareholders value.


Our “Mission” is to help our customers adapt to change and be prosperous by providing a systemized approach while utilizing an adaptive, integrated and innovative process.  With a focus on listening and exceeding their expectations, we help identify, adapt and leverage changes in the automotive, manufacturing and the general industry.  In particular, the re-invention of industrial business models and changes in historical practices at OEM’s and the emerging of multi-tier companies.

The company will ever-evolve based on an unmistakably clear central idea for our business that does three things:
(1) adapt to change,  (2) listen to the customer and go beyond their expectations,  (3) sustain profitability.

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